Meet Katherine…⁠

(real name changed) Her mood was alllllll over the place.⁠

She got sad very quickly. Then the next minute she was extremely irritable. Everyone was annoying her…She didn’t have an interest in things that she used to love. She would finish cleaning up after dinner, too exhausted to exercise, then curl up with a book in her room night after night. Her mood and energy were getting worse and worse.⁠

Then she had her first naturopathic consultation with me. After our initial assessment we got started right away on some hormone and nutrient testing.⁠

When our results were in I realized Katherine’s progesterone, iron and b12 were waaaay too low. Progesterone is your anti-anxiety hormone also called the Zen Hormone. ⁠

We corrected her deficiencies with some supplements and got her on a lifestyle plan that worked for her and was DOABLE. She was not going to be running a marathon any time soon with those iron levels!⁠

Katherine now loves her “hormone” pills (her herbal progesterone support) and loves how level she feels with her mood (her family likes that too haha). Her period just starts, without her knowing! This was unthinkable before. She used to be exhausted and super moody an entire week before. ⁠

Now she feels physically and mentally at her best! I get so excited to work with people like Katherine who are fully invested in taking charge of their health.⁠

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