Anxiety should be treated holistically.⁠

Cortisol is your stress hormone. It is released by your adrenal glands (these little guys that sit above the kidneys) when you are stressed! Too busy and too stressed for too long= some messed up cortisol levels. This can be corrected but do your test first to make sure that cortisol is the issue.⁠

Progesterone is your zen hormone. It’s also called the anti-anxiety hormone. If it’s too low you get anxiety, your boobs hurt before your period, you get super bloated and you might have spotting before the period starts. This can be corrected but do the test to make sure this is an issue for you. Treating progesterone without testing can sometimes make things worse. I’ve done this before… a few times before I started testing more often. So… do the test. ⁠

B vitamins give you energy and support a healthy cortisol output. If you are anxious, you are using up your b vitamins faster. It takes a lot of energy for your body to have a fast heart rate, to sweat and to pump out all that adrenaline when you’re having an anxious moment. B’s are water soluble so they don’t stick around long in our bodies. People tend to benefit from a supplement but check your bloodwork first. ⁠

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