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Dates For An Easier Labor?!

Yesss. I love dates but I didn't know about all the pregnancy benefits. When I first started eating them I was away at school in Waterloo and I was like... what... is this...? It wasn't candy, it was considered a fruit. We never had them in the house growing up. I then went overboard on [...]

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Your Best Probiotic

You're bloated ALL the time. You have a few bites of something and next thing you know you look like your 6 months pregnant. You're constipated, then you have diarrhea. And that cycle goes back and forth. Time to fix up your microbiome (those little bacteria living in your digestive tract).   Why is your [...]

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Glowing Skin Face Mask

Healthy looking skin is an inside job. Hydration, clean natural foods and the proper supplements are going to make our skin glow. We also want to be mindful of what we are putting ON our skin. You should be able to EAT whatever topical products you use on your skin. We don't want harmful chemicals [...]

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New Year, Best You!

Guys, 2020 had some ROUGH moments. For 2021, we can do better. What were your health habits like during 2020? For me, I definitely had a little stock pile of red wine when the pandemic first started. After a month or so, I'm like okay, time to get some healthier habits back on track. Yoga, [...]

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How is Stress Affecting You?

2020 was quite the year. We ALL felt it. It took a toll on each one of us in one way or another. How was your mental health affected during the pandemic? From some of my patients I am hearing that a lot of symptoms of social anxiety drastically improved. Then from others, the isolation [...]

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