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Male Hair Loss

Hormone imbalances may be a contributing cause to male hair loss. Men experiencing Male Pattern Baldness (Androgenenic alopecia) may have higher levels of DHT (a byproduct of testosterone breakdown). DHT has been shown to shrink hair follicles which makes it hard for healthy hair to survive. Male pattern baldness has a distinctive shape. The front [...]

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How Are You Nourishing Your Body Today?

It's peach season! This is the smoothie recipe I've been enjoying lately.   1/2 banana 1 peach 1 tbsp hemp seeds (can use chia or ground flax) ***hormone super foods 1 cup coconut milk 2 tbsp coconut or almond yogurt (dairy free) Add ice or frozen rapsberries for more flavour Want an extra nutrition boost? [...]

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How To Know If Your Estrogen Is High

Bad periods are the worst. No one likes missing work or dying on the couch with a heating pad on.  If this is you, it's time to check out what's going on with your hormones and get a better balance going. Pain-free periods are POSSIBLE. If your periods are really heavy and your cramps are [...]

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Why Do We Crave Chocolate Before Our Periods?

Sometimes nothing but chocolate will cut it before our periods. Progesterone is an appetite stimulant Don't worry, you're not alone. It's normal for cravings and appetite to intensify before your period. Wondering why this happens? It's our progesterone hormone's fault. Our progesterone levels are really high right before our period and progesterone is an appetite [...]

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Is Your Thyroid the Reason You’re not Losing Weight?

You're getting your work outs in, eating a pretty clean diet but your weight isn't budging. Maybe you're noticing your cold more often (you need to grab a sweater when no one else seems to need one), your a little on the constipated side and you are super TIRED. This isn't "you". You used to [...]

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