Tara was moody and hadn’t slept in months. ⁠

Her weight was creeping up even though she wasn’t eating differently or less active. ⁠

She was also mentioning how annoying it was that her periods were really heavy and coming more frequently now. How do you plan your life when you never know when you’re going to get your period!? ⁠

After our consultation and getting test results back it was clear that Tara’s estrogen was WAY too high. The cut off is about 10 at the highest and she was a 15. TOO high.⁠

2 months of hormone support supplements and her periods were getting lighter and lighter. She was also starting to see the weight changes and feeling much more energy.⁠

I was so happy that Tara now had the energy she needed to teach her students and still have time to be fun and energetic at home too. She was finally starting to feel more herself again. ⁠

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