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Easy To Understand Hormone Guide

Hormones can get complicated. But after spending 9 years studying and 6 years in practice working with women to balance their hormones, I can break it down for you in a super straightforward way. Here are 4 important hormones that you should know about for your BEST HEALTH.  Cortisol Your STRESS hormone. We all have [...]

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Creating Healthy Habits

I have found that it is often the simplest healthy habits like 5 minutes of meditation or adding one extra vegetable into the diet that make HUGE differences. It seems so simple but I see it all the time. I think a roadblock to creating optimal health is that we underestimate the benefits of small [...]

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Acupuncture to Reduce Stress

Did you know there are several ways Naturopathic Doctors can help with stress management and lowering our levels of our stress hormone called cortisol. Stress can creep up on us. Sometimes we think we're doing a great job with stress management when all of a sudden we are burnt out and overwhelmed. It can be [...]

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Fertility Acupuncture

Going through fertility treatments can an extremely emotional and difficult time. I use fertility acupuncture for women looking to conceive naturally OR alongside IVF or IUI. From home remedies, fertility drugs to in vitro fertilization (IVF) and donor eggs and embryos, modern healthcare has given us a variety of options that are now available for [...]

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