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3 Tips For Better Gut Health

No one likes feeling bloated or constipated. Try out my 3 tips for better gut health. Probiotic 1. Try a Probiotic: Our digestive tracts are lined with billions of little bacteria. There’s good and bad guys. Sometimes the bad ones start to take over (this means bloating, bad breath, constipation, diarrhea)! Bring in more good [...]

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Pumpkin Seeds For Better Sleep

With Halloween coming up next week I thought I would do a pumpkin themed inspired post today, talking about sleep. Not having a good nights sleep can be THE WORST. I hate that feeling of not feeling refreshed when I wake up and then heading into a busy day after only a few hours of [...]

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Menopause Brain

"What did I just come in this room for?" "Where did I leave my keys?" Don't you hate that when you walk in a room as you're running around doing a million things and you're like okay what was I just coming in here for.... We all do it, especially us multitaskers. But this forgetfulness [...]

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Happiness Chemicals and How To Hack Your Brain

Let's talk about 3 happiness chemicals that our body makes and how to hack our brain to boost our mood. Dopamine The Reward Chemical: Dopamine is high when: You complete a task (that accomplished feeling you have is from high levels of dopamine) You're eating (especially chocolate) You're celebrating little wins Dopamine is a pleasure [...]

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How is Stress Affecting You?

You may be busy running around during the day and think hm maybe I am a bit stressed but that's just my lifestyle right now and it is what it is. I have worked with 1000's of stressed out or just super busy people over the years. As a naturopath who focuses on hormone imbalances [...]

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Menopause Myths

Why didn't our moms tell us what REALLY happened during menopause? Because we didn't talk about it! Let's talk about it. Share this with a friend. Myth: Hot Flashes Night Sweats Vaginal Dryness Starts at age 50 Your first sign will be a hot flash Will last one year. Truth: Menopause doesn't have to include [...]

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When Should I see a Naturopath?

You might have friends or family that visit naturopathic doctors, or noticed in your extended healthcare plan the section for Naturopathy and thought why would I see a naturopath? I'll tell you the most common reasons that my patients come to visit me. And I'll tell you what we DON'T do as well. When to [...]

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