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How Do You Know If You’re in Perimenopause?

If you're in your 40's or 50's (maybe even in your 30's!) and your periods are going crazy (super heavy then non existent, your mood is all over the place, maybe you're starting to have hot flashes, feeling extra forgetful and foggy) you may be entering perimenopause which happens "several" years before menopause. Menopause means [...]

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Muscle Cramps? You May Need a Magnesium Supplement

If you have muscle cramps after working out or restless legs at night you might benefit from a magnesium supplement. Of course, always ask your naturopath when starting a new supplement. Magnesium is a smooth muscle relaxant. We tend to have lower levels of this nutrient since our soil is not as rich with this [...]

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Are My Periods Normal?

What's up with your periods lately? Are you dying on the couch with cramps? Debating breaking up with your significant other a few days before your period comes every month? Or have you been missing work because you're in too much pain and your period is too heavy to leave the house? We shouldn't have [...]

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Feeling a little Bloated lately?

Feeling bloated is the worst. You're working hard on your exercise goals, eating clean and then suddenly you eat something that makes you feel terrible. For some people there are a few good hours in the morning and then the majority of the day they are left feeling like they are carrying extra weight around [...]

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