I believe that women should feel empowered in their healthcare. You know your body and you know when something is off. I am passionate about helping high performing women feel their best.

So, let me tell you about Kristen.

When Kristen (not her real name for confidentiality) came into my office she was feeling tired, blah, not herself. She was dragging herself through the day. She used to be excited about her job, her partner, her friends, but for the last year or so her energy was completely drained. After our initial consultation I realized Kristen needed some help. She had vitamin deficiencies, she wasn’t consuming enough calories and oh my goodness… her hormones. Every month for an entire week she was a mess. Crying, angry, everyone was annoying her. So we did a hormone test and started on some hormone supplements. Within 3 weeks, her energy and her mood changed. Kristen is now excited about her career again and has NO PMS symptoms!! At all. I have been working with 1000’s of women like Kristen over the years and I get excited every time we have amazing results like this.

It blows my mind how SIMPLE a lot of these changes can be to get drastic results. Success stories, fuel me to keep learning and to feel excited every day about natural health. I get really irritated when I hear women’s hormonal concerns being brushed off or when they’re being told it’s all in their head or “just take the pill” when it can be so SIMPLE. Hormones are not this complicated mystery. They can be really easy to treat and bring back to balance when you work with a trained professional. I spent 9 years at school (Biology at Laurier and Naturopathy in Toronto) so that you don’t have to all that research yourself, I got this. You just need to tell me what you’re feeling and we can explore options that work for you.

Now let me tell you about Ashley.

When Ashley came into see me she could not lose weight. Her nutritionist referred her to me. She had been working with a personal trainer, a nutritionist and doing ALL the things for her weight. It wouldn’t budge. After speaking to her for about 10 mins I’m like whoa your hormones are off. Crazy heavy periods, super moody around that time of the month and terrible cramps. No one had checked her thyroid levels and since Ashley was a teacher I was like hey, let’s check your cortisol (stress hormone) too. Taking care of a classroom, they’re probably a little high! After our results came back everything was clear. Ashley had some serious hormone imbalances that were keeping her from losing the weight. It took some time but after a few months Ashley was feeling amazing and was glad to know it wasn’t just what she was eating and how she was working out but had underlying issues that needed to addressed. She was so thankful for the testing and supplements and I was so happy to help.

I don’t want you to suffer with your mood, your bad periods or low energy another day longer. I want you to book in now because I know you’re taking care of a million things and you are used to not putting yourself first on the to-do list. The sooner that we can get started on your customized treatment plan the sooner you can start feeling better so that you can get back to helping people at your job, taking care of your friends and family and doing everything that you’re passionate about. We need more strong healthy women that are excited to do amazing things in their life.