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How does your Period affect your Personality?

Are in touch with your mood/personality and body changes during your cycle? Even in modern society, where we are often cut off from the rhythms of nature, the cycle of ovulation is influenced by the moon and is a way for women to connect to that basic earth cycle. In many cultures, the menstrual cycle [...]

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Achieve Your Healthy Weight

We all want to look and FEEL our best and we know that diets just don't work. Lasting weight loss is all about creating healthier habits and building a healthy relationship with yourself in the process. In your weight management consultation with a Naturopathic Doctor we're going to give you the best up-to-date EVIDENCE on [...]

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Which hormones should I test?

If you know what it's like to have painful periods, terrible PMS or hot flashes then you may have considered testing your hormones. Naturopathic doctors test these hormones by bloodwork. We usually send you to the lab 7 days before your period to get an accurate reading of your PROGESTERONE level (this is our anti-anxiety [...]

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