You’re getting your work outs in, eating a pretty clean diet but your weight isn’t budging. Maybe you’re noticing your cold more often (you need to grab a sweater when no one else seems to need one), your a little on the constipated side and you are super TIRED. This isn’t “you”. You used to have energy and your metabolism was never this stubborn. It’s time to check in on your thyroid.

Your thyroid is a little butterfly shaped gland that sits at the front of your neck. It controls your metabolism, meaning how quickly or slowly you lose weight.

Naturopathic doctors can run in depth thyroid testing by bloodwork.

Naturopathic doctors can run in depth thyroid testing by bloodwork. It’s common for your family doctor to order one test for the thyroid called TSH (this stands for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone). Levels above 2.5 can indicate that the thyroid is not performing optimally (aka you’re going to have to work WAY harder to lose weight). If levels keep creeping UP then you may need thyroid medication. So, it’s a good idea to check this out, the earlier the better.

Here are some other tests that Naturopathic Doctors normally run for thyroid health.

T4 This is the thyroid hormone produced in your thyroid gland. Higher levels mean your metabolism is working well. We don’t want them too high though or it could mean you’re going into an overactive thyroid situation (symptoms would be rapid weight loss, hot flashes and heart palpitations).

T3 This is your active thyroid hormone. Higher levels mean you should be feeling pretty good. Great metabolism, great energy level. Our aim with treatments is to give this a boost.

Thyroid Antibodies Less is more with these guys. Antibodies are immune proteins that attack the thyroid. It’s not uncommon to see these high FIRST before any other thyroid marker is off. I see this a lot in practice. In an ideal situation you wouldn’t be creating any antibodies against your thyroid or very very low levels. If they are elevated, then something is going on.

So, what do we do now?

There are nutritional supplements or herbal therapies that your naturopath can recommend

If things are a little off there are nutritional supplements or herbal therapies that your naturopathic doctor can recommend as part of your treatment plan. Blood tests can be repeated every 6 months to a year. The goal with treating the thyroid is to correct the issue and NOT stay on supplements forever.

So, if you’re frustrated with your weight and are due for an update on bloodwork, go talk to your naturopath and make sure everything is on track.

Always get in touch if you have any questions.