What’s up with your periods lately? Are you dying on the couch with cramps? Do you hate everyone for a few days until your period comes because of some serious PMS? Or have you been missing school or work because your period is way too heavy?

We don’t have to suffer through our hormones. It is possible to have healthy balanced hormone levels. 

If you’re asking yourself, is my period normal? Keep reading to find out what exactly it means to be normal and when you should talk to your naturopath to address your hormonal concerns.


How many days is your period? 3-7 days is typical. 5-7 days is running on the long side.

Cycle Length

Many of us have been taught that your period should be showing up every 28 days. That’s actually not very common to be at exactly 28 days. There are a lot of women who have a period every 28 days but there are also a lot of women who have a period every 26-32 days. That’s also normal.

Side note: Day 1 is the first day that you bleed. If you’re noticing it’s been 40 or even 60 days since your last period that’s too long. Certain conditions can cause you have to have longer cycles and it should be investigated. PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is a condition which usually presents with low progesterone and we often see skipped periods and long cycles.


None, light, moderate is normal. You are shedding the lining of your uterus which is a muscle. Totally normal to have some to moderate sensation. Intense pain? See your naturopath.


Is your period heavy or light? If you the word “shark week” comes to mind when describing your period, it’s too heavy. Can’t leave the house? It’s too heavy.


There may be clots. That’s normal. Clots bigger than a quarter are not normal.


It’s okay to start your period and end with a little spotting. Also when you bleed, then stop, then bleed again. Normal too.


It should be red. Brown can show up at the beginning or end and it’s probably from oxidized blood. Any other colours (it’s possible to have other colours like orange or green) should not be happening. Go see your healthcare provider.


You’re shedding a chunk of tissue that you spent close to a month growing. That’s totally fine if you’re a bit tired. Can’t function? Missing work? Can’t get out of bed? That’s not normal.

As women, we usually have a lot going and we don’t need annoying or painful periods slowing us down every month. If you think your period is off, let’s get in touch and don’t forget to share this with your gf whose periods suck. It is possible to have a symptom free period.