Are in touch with your mood/personality and body changes during your cycle? Even in modern society, where we are often cut off from the rhythms of nature, the cycle of ovulation is influenced by the moon and is a way for women to connect to that basic earth cycle. In many cultures, the menstrual cycle has been viewed as sacred.

Here are some things you may notice during your cycle.



The beginning of your cycle is called the Follicular Phase. During this phase an egg grows and develops.🥚

Many women find that they are at their peak of EXPRESSION 🗣in the outer world from the time your period starts 💥 until ovulation🥚. Their energy is outgoing and UPBEAT🤩. They are filled with enthusiasm and new ideas.💡



Ovulation happens midcycle (usually around day 15). This is when we see a big spike in the brain hormone called LH (luteinizing hormone). Creativity is at its PEAK🤩.  This is a time of heightened LIBIDO💋 Sexual desire can be super high for many women. Our bodies are secreting pheromones at this time which increase our sexual attractiveness to others😏.


3. After Ovulation (LUTEAL PHASE)🥱

The weeks following ovulation leading up to the day your period starts is called the luteal phase. Energy is naturally lower at this time. This is a good time to reflect🤔, looking back upon what we have created and on the negative or difficult aspects of our lives that need to be changed or adjusted. ✍️Its NOT a time for new ideas, keep your routines simple and make sure they don’t require too much extra thought.


If you’re having bad PMS, cramping or irregular periods, let’s connect. I help women get their hormones back into balance. 🌸✨