We all want to look and FEEL our best and we know that diets just don’t work.

Lasting weight loss is all about creating healthier habits and building a healthy relationship with yourself in the process.

In your weight management consultation with a Naturopathic Doctor we’re going to give you the best up-to-date EVIDENCE on which strategies you can implement for your health plan. I’ve been working with women for over 5 years in clinical practice and spent 9 years prior studying biology, nutrition and understanding how your metabolism works and health psychology hacks that you need to put in place to get your lifestyle set up for lasting weight loss.

In our initial consultation we may want to order some laboratory testing FIRST. If you have an underactive thyroid, that would make it REALLY hard to lose weight and no matter how many diets you try, you may not have any success until you address the thyroid issue. Symptoms of hypothyroidism to think about are 1) feeling cold often, do you need to grab a sweater when others do not? 2) constipation 3) dry skin 4) are you super tired a lot of the time? These all warrant a thyroid check up.

Other labs to consider would be a nutrient panel. Do you have low iron or low levels of vitamin b12 making causing you to feel so tired that it’s nearly impossible to work out.

We might also consider a nutritional or herbal supplement to support weight loss. Taking a supplement under the guidance of your Naturopathic Doctor is a safer way to ensure you’re not grabbing weight loss supplements that could potentially cause harm. We always say there are no quick fixes. BUT there are some super easy things that can speed up your weight loss efforts. Did you know that there is a strain of bacteria (a probiotic) that when taken (in capsule form as one per day) that reduced calorie consumption in study participants by 300 calories per day… with NO effort on the participants’ part. All participants ate a Standard North American Diet or a (S.A.D Diet) which consisted of hamburgers, chips, pizza, typical North American foods. The probiotic group ended up consuming less calories with no effort and at the end of the trial ended up reducing abdominal fat by half an inch! It doesn’t seem like a lot but this was with no exercise or nutritional changes and abdominal adiposity (tummy fat) puts you at a higher risk for autoimmune and other inflammatory diseases so it’s KIND of a big deal!

Then of course we are always going to give you a diet log and ask you about your exercise level. But we know that big changes don’t happen over night and small changes are often more realistic and sustainable and can get you big results over time.

So, if you’re ready to work with a practitioner and set some goals to achieve your ideal weight, now is a great time to start! Always send me any questions by email if you want to chat or ask me more.