Are you tired?

Cortisol is our STRESS hormone. Stress has a physical impact on our body. Chronic long term stress can leave us feeling super FATIGUED. I see this a lot in my practice especially in women over 50 who are describing themselves as “burnt out”.

Our adrenal glands are these little organs that sit above our kidneys. They put out a big spike of cortisol in the morning so that we feel refreshed and ready to go for the day. Cortisol gradually drops and stays low while you sleep so that you have a deep restful sleep (in an ideal world!). Now, in the real world, we’re busy, we having worrying stressful thoughts and these can all lead to what we call ADRENAL FATIGUE or ADRENAL EXHAUSTION.

I often ask these women if they feel refreshed on waking. If the answer is no this is a big indicator of burn out or that you’re adrenals are having trouble producing cortisol.

There are botanical treatment options to improve cortisol dysfunction. One herb in particular contains an enzyme which STOPS the breakdown of cortisol to help us increase our levels and reset this normal curve. We aim to see symptom improvement (like feeling REFRESHED on waking) within 4-6 weeks.

If you are burnt out and super tired, it’s time to check in with your naturopathic doctor and discuss options around adrenal support.