2020 was quite the year.

We ALL felt it. It took a toll on each one of us in one way or another. How was your mental health affected during the pandemic?

From some of my patients I am hearing that a lot of symptoms of social anxiety drastically improved. Then from others, the isolation took a toll with depression and low moods.

At the beginning of the pandemic back in March naturopaths were told to close and this meant I was mostly off for 3 months with the exception of some virtual consultations but things were really slowed down for a while as I practice a lot of acupuncture which I wasn’t able to go back to until July. At first I enjoyed some down time, a bit of a break because of the busyness of my schedule. But then the break ran long and I was missing being in the office doing acupuncture and talking to a lot of different people every day. I decided I would spend time some creating a Stress Management course.

I spent the 3 months putting all the research together on everything that I knew about stress and anxiety.

I created a Stress Management Cook Book.

Lot’s of hand outs. Video Modules.

And put together all the information from my naturopathic degree and what I had been practicing for 6 years of what works best and in what situation you would use different naturopathic strategies to treat stress. There are A LOT of ways to lower cortisol. I stopped myself at describing 10 herbs and supplements.

My course will be live Jan 4th 2020 and I would love for you to join. The initial launch is for beta testers at a reduced price $39 to allow me to get feedback on the course before I re-launch at the end of January at full price $89. The course has lots of giveaways and is meant to reduce stress in 2 WEEKS. The tasks are fun, quick and DOABLE. If you complete the course in 2 weeks you also get a prize valued at $60 for some extra incentive to stick to these self-care activities.

Sign up by clicking the link below. Hope to hear from you soon!

 I am offering my 3 by 3 Stress Relief Program for a special introductory price in exchange for your honest feedback and testimonials.   

If you’re reading this after Jan 4th, you can email me to sign up naturopath@theyogavine.ca

Hope you have an amazing 2021!