Yesss. I love dates but I didn’t know about all the pregnancy benefits. When I first started eating them I was away at school in Waterloo and I was like… what… is this…? It wasn’t candy, it was considered a fruit. We never had them in the house growing up. I then went overboard on eating them and did not have them for a while after that. Anyways, if you are pregnant, you can go nuts on these. Enjoy!


Eating 4-6 dates daily starting at 36 weeks into your pregnancy may:

  • Increase cervical ripening
  • Reduce need for induction
  • Has been associated with more dilation before arriving at the hospital
  • Less need for pitocin during labor
  • Greater likelihood of successful induction if needed



Source Aviva Romm

Natural Labor Induction Series: Eating Dates – Evidence Based Birth®