“What did I just come in this room for?”

“Where did I leave my keys?”

Don’t you hate that when you walk in a room as you’re running around doing a million things and you’re like okay what was I just coming in here for…. We all do it, especially us multitaskers. But this forgetfulness and brain fog can get BAD after menopause.

Estrogen can get a bad reputation but we definitely miss it when it suddenly drops way down after menopause.

Your brain LOVES estrogen. It has a huge impact on memory and if you’re having a lot of issues with brain fog and forgetfulness you should investigate naturopathic treatments for safe and effective estrogen support. We often think the only solution is synthetic hormone replacement and we’ve seen the evidence on the risks and safety issues so we’re like okay I’ll just deal with it. Plus, we’ve been doing that as women for a lot of our lives. “Yep I can take on one more thing in the day” “I’m fine running on a few hours of sleep…”

We all do it.

But, there’s a whole world of alternative treatment options for menopausal symptoms that are safe and effective.

Interested in the science?

Estrogen has a HUGE impact on memory

We have 3 main types of estrogen. Estradiol (most of this is around before menopause, strongest form of estrogen), Estrone (post menopausal weaker estrogen) Estriol (pregnancy estrogen, a weak estrogen)

Estradiol increases this brain protein called brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in the hippocampus (the memory part of the brain).

This little BDNF protein is mainly there to keep neurons (brain cells) healthy. When estrogen drops you might find yourself struggling to remember and losing your learning comprehension.

Take away message:

Keep your estrogen levels healthy.

Women are multitaskers, we’re managing work, family, community events, personal care, we don’t have time to be forgetful and feel like we’re not able to keep up. We should be thriving into our later years.

If you’re memory is being impacted it’s time to look into naturopathic estrogen support.  

Check out these articles for more details on estrogen and memory:

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