“I feel like my body is a furnace”

“I wake up drenched in the night, change my pajamas and try to get back to sleep”

“My period stopped and suddenly I have a belly”

Almost every woman over 50 has told me their story of their menopausal symptoms. It bothers me that these women, as well as my mom, aunts and grandmother have been told they just have to get through it or “it’s a natural part of life” unless they want to take their chances in using hormone replacement therapy.

Women are being underserved in the public healthcare system. They’re symptoms are being dismissed. They’re expected to continue working (bringing a little fan into the office or just feeling embarrassed as they sit through their cheeks and face going flush), to continue taking care of their homes, their family, their work and themselves. You could have the best doctor, but the conventional healthcare model isn’t set up to optimize women’s health into their later years. There’s a big gap in the system that overlooks women’s health through menopause.

Why aren’t we talking about ALL the safe and effective evidence based menopausal treatments that we have?

As women we need to take control of our health, because it matters, and we have a lot to do and can’t be waiting for our hot flashes to settle down before we get back to it.

There are natural treatment options that work FAST. Sometimes even within the first 30 days to reduce symptoms. Everyone has a different hormonal picture and treatments are selected individually. I love working with menopausal patients because it feels so good to help these women who have given so much and have so much more to give their family and communities.

You don’t HAVE to have symptoms with menopause. You can have a smooth, comfortable transition into your later years.

How can we support each other as women? Share this post with someone who needs some relief for their menopausal symptoms. Ask your naturopath what treatment options are appropriate for you and your symptoms. When you book your appointment with me let me know that you would like a menopause consultation.