No one likes feeling bloated or constipated. Try out my 3 tips for better gut health.


1. Try a Probiotic: Our digestive tracts are lined with billions of little bacteria. There’s good and bad guys. Sometimes the bad ones start to take over (this means bloating, bad breath, constipation, diarrhea)! Bring in more good guys with a probiotic. You can use a capsule or food sources depending on severity of symptoms.

Eliminate Food Sensitivities

2. Eliminate Trigger Foods: Certain foods can aggravate the gut. Try a process of eliminating a certain food and then a challenge period to see if symptoms go away and return. Naturopaths offer a food sensitivity blood test if the offending foods are hard to pinpoint. The test is often covered under your extended health care plan. Ask your provider if you have coverage for the Food Sensitivity Test. It’s such a simple way to see which foods are irritating to you.

Manage Your Stress

3. Manage Your Stress: Stress and anxiety hit the gut hard. Sometimes it’s just about focusing on your stress management strategies that make the biggest impact on your gut health. During your naturopathic consultation we can talk about which strategies would be enjoyable and easily achievable for you to fit into your lifestyle.

Feeling a little off with your digestion? Book a digestion consult and we’ll see what we treatment plan would be best for you.