You might have friends or family that visit naturopathic doctors, or noticed in your extended healthcare plan the section for Naturopathy and thought why would I see a naturopath? I’ll tell you the most common reasons that my patients come to visit me. And I’ll tell you what we DON’T do as well.

When to see an ND:

  • Your hormones are a disaster. PMS for days, heavy periods, insane cramps. Naturopaths can help with this!
  • Your gut health is off. You’re always bloated and you can’t figure out if you’re eating something that is bothering you.
  • You’re trying to get pregnant. Whether you’re pre conception, you are pregnant or are coming for a check-in post pregnancy, naturopaths support women during these hormonal transitions because it is NOT easy growing a tiny human inside of you and we need a little extra care during these months. It’s also extra important around pregnancy to be on a safe and effective treatment plan with your supplements.
  • Your mood is off. You’ve been seeing a therapist for a while but think there might be something else going on. You might benefit from an alternative treatment like a supplement for mood to compliment your current mood management plan.
  • You’re having back pain or tight muscles and want some pain relief with acupuncture. I work with a sports medicine doctor, athletic therapist, physiotherapist and RMT. Acupuncture is a great compliment to their treatment plans. When I’m not talking about hormones, a lot of my time is spent doing acupuncture.
  • You pay into a benefit plan and are curious about what a naturopath does so you want to try it out. You might be someone who wants to come in once or twice a year for a check-in just make sure you’re taking the right vitamins, are eating a relatively clean diet or want a bloodwork check-in that goes into a bit more depth than your GP ran this year on your physical check up.

When NOT to see an ND:

  • You want some drugs! We don’t prescribe pharmaceuticals. We use evidence based natural alternatives like supplements, botanical medicine and dietary suggestions. Your MD will get you the proper support you need with your pharmaceutical treatment plan. Keep in mind, naturopaths have extensive pharmacology training so we understand your medications and can safely guide your vitamin plan to ensure there are no interactions. We encourage you to have a holistic health care plan including conventional medical treatments to be at your best.
  • You’re in need of immediate medical attention. No emergencies please! We’re on a whole other end of the healthcare spectrum. We’re more the preventative guys looking after your health issues. Your local hospital would be happy to see you during an emergency.

Ready to get your digestive troubles, period problems or mood issues under control?

Step 1: send me an e-mail. Tell me you want to book in for a digestion consultation OR hormone consultation OR general lifestyle consult

Step 2: check your benefit plan. how many times can you come per year? If it’s 3-4 times this let’s us know how often check-ins work for you so that we can send you off with a treatment plan that will last you that length of time. Ideally visits are 4-6 weeks when working on chronic issues. Or weekly for a period of time if you are having acupuncture treatments. But some people come once or twice a year.

Step 3: Your appointment might be virtual. How does that work? I will send you a link to your email a few minutes before our appointment and you simply open the link and we can chat over video. Grab a cup of tea, get cozy and we can start to go in depth on your health and what types of treatments would be best for you.

I’m looking forward to working with you.