If you know what it’s like to have painful periods, terrible PMS or hot flashes then you may have considered testing your hormones. Naturopathic doctors test these hormones by bloodwork. We usually send you to the lab 7 days before your period to get an accurate reading of your PROGESTERONE level (this is our anti-anxiety hormone so if PMS is an issue we definitely want to know what’s up with this guy). We look at:

  1. Estrogen (could be too HIGH if you have really heavy periods)
  2. Testosterone (women have testosterone! lower levels than men but it’s still super important for us especially for our mood and LIBIDO)
  3. Progesterone (our zen hormone that keeps us calm)
  4. Brain hormones that give signals to our ovaries to make our other hormones and these are LH
  5. and FSH (these readings will tell us if you are in perimenopause or menopause)

So, if you feel your hormones are off. Test, don’t guess!

Just to let you know I am working by phone consultations and essential in office visits during the covid situation so if you would like your hormones tested just get in touch and we can do that now.