Feeling bloated is the worst. You’re working hard on your exercise goals, eating clean and then suddenly you eat something that makes you feel terrible. For some people there are a few good hours in the morning and then the majority of the day they are left feeling like they are carrying extra weight around the tummy. This sucks.

If you feel your gut health is really off right now, let’s talk. Do you have a food sensitivity? Maybe you need a probiotic? Or are there other underlying issues that need to be addressed? The main focus in my practice is gut health and hormones so I see these issues a lot.

In the mean time, think about probiotic-rich foods. Probiotics are good bacteria. They help us breakdown our food and create a stronger intestinal barrier. Think about sauerkraut, kombucha or other pickled foods. Kombucha is a fermented black tea that you can grab at the grocery store, just watch that you’re getting one with a lower sugar content. Some of them can be too high in sugar and too much sugar can cause a lot of bloating.

Also, limit eating on the go. If we sit down and chew our food thoroughly it can significantly reduce that post meal bloat. Sometimes we’re bloated because we’re talking during the meal and inhaling extra gas that gets trapped in our stomach! Reducing the bloating may be as simple as slowing down a little around meal times.

So, if you feel something is off with your digestion, let’s chat. I love working with people to correct these irritating issues.