If you’re having digestive issues like symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome or chronic skin issues such as eczema or psoriasis it might be a good time to check out a food sensitivity blood test with your naturopathic doctor. The test shows if you’re having an inflammatory response to certain foods (120 different foods). We can see your green foods (you are having NO reaction to these ones), your yellow foods (there’s a moderate immune response so don’t eat these EVERY day) and your red foods (these are your bad foods that we need to eliminate for a period of time). We usually restrict the red food for 8 weeks then do a little challenge where we reintroduce the food and see if symptoms return. The test is often covered under most extended health plans. If you call your provider you can ask if the food sensitivity test is covered before coming into your naturopathic appointment. The test is done at Lifelabs and your naturopath receives the results in about 10 business days. So if you’re feeling bloated or noticing rashes or other skin concerns after certain foods and are having trouble pin pointing which foods are aggravating, I would suggest asking a naturopath about this blood test.