Yes! Progesterone is an ANTI-ANXIETY hormone. It has a calming effect on our brain and enhances our mood. It stimulates the brain’s GABA receptors, these are the “feel-good, calming” neurotransmitters. Progesterone is highest in women 7 days before the onset of menses, this is when we do your progesterone blood test. When progesterone is at it’s highest we feel the most calm and content. If progesterone is not high enough we get PMS. Sometimes mood changes (anxiousness, overthinking, irritability, nervous tension) can last 2 WEEKS before the period!! This can completely resolve for the next 2 weeks of the cycle and repeat AGAIN every month! 2 weeks is way too long. If you have a slight mood change 24 hours before menses, no big deal, its not ideal, but it happens. But if your PMS is baaad or you suffer from anxiety, check your progesterone levels! They should be over 21 to be optimal. If not, we can work with an herbal remedy to adjust.

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